What Is An NFT Launchpad?


NFT Launchpad is a platform that assists the minting and launch of NFT projects. With the NFT Launchpad development services, the creators can increase funds to develop, launch, and market their NFT projects. These are very similar to IDO Launchpads but cater specially to NFT creators. Also, the Launchpad offers gaming activities to benefit the investor who can use the buying token to participate.

We present an NFT Launchpad with an aim to help potential creators to increase funds to create their NFT projects. Our involvement in the crypto industry and interest in the NFT space created impressive innovations to uplift and excel the prominent industry by unleashing its potential capacities to the market. A technology’s success exists in reaching the nook and corners of the world help understand its usage. We developed the initiative to support the creators to mint and sell NFTs to experience the profits and opportunities of NFTs with a specific portfolio for their creations.

Native token development for NFT Launchpad

ChainTechSource suits you up for an exciting journey in the NFT world. The first and foremost process of developing a native token for your NFT Launchpad We can help you build the token of the standard of your choice and the Blockchain on which your start pad is built. The different standards of token we help you build are ERC20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP-20, BEP-720etc.

This token can be used as a key token for all trades on the platform. The tier of an investor is determined by the number of token stakes. The higher the tier of VC the higher their chances are to get their hold on the new and promising tokens at the earliest as they get to participate in the first round of funding

Easy Steps to Create your NFT Launchpad

Moreover, you get access, including its ultimate NFT API. They later enable you to easily integrate NFTs within unique decentralized applications (dApps). However, you can create your NFT Launchpad in 2 potential ways they are,

1. Firstly, create an NFT Launchpad from scratch, which is a great idea to execute all the features you need but it takes more time and money to develop from scratch.

2. On the other hand, you can launch an NFT Launchpad with an NFT Marketplace Script possible on a smart contract, most of the investors and entrepreneurs select this option to launch their own NFT Marketplace quickly.

Usually, the latter type will consume only 15- 20 days because it is already developed and tested. You can also integrate your own features along with all the simple features of the NFT marketplace

 What are the Benefits of NFT Launchpad?

The NFT Launchpads help NFT creators to create a unique portfolio, making it easy for them to launch NFT projects. These platforms support creators or businesses in quick community building, higher returns on investments, and lower transaction costs on their NFT trades.

NFT Launchpad development service businesses’ Launchpad can be customized to provide more business benefits:

Global Reach

NFT Launchpad will provide NFT creators the access to the audience who are involved in NFTs across the globe. This assists creators and businesses to market their NFTs to the right audience.

Immediate liquidity

The unique collection and loyal community traffic to the Launchpad increases lead to more NFT trades and immediate liquidity of the NFTs.


With a devoted NFT Launchpad, it gets easy for NFT creators to provide users loyalty rewards and form a legacy.

Native token

The Launchpad can be designed in a way that NFT provides creators with a built-in token development option. This assists increase funds and offering token staking reward benefits to the end-users.

What are the Features of NFT Launchpads?

Deflationary NFT Launchpad’s

Deflationary NFT Launchpad ensures a rational distribution of NFTs and this resolves one of the biggest problems of blockchain space..


The users of the NFT Launchpads can stake their tokens and join the NFT sales trending on the NFT Launchpads. By staking their tokens the member can earn staking rewards too.

NFT Vaults

NFT vaults undertake top-notch security to the NFTs user. As a consequence, users can adore complete peace of mind.

NFT Swaps

NFT swap allows users to credit their NFTs on the Launchpad and get BEP20 or ERC20 token collection, which they can exchange directly on different DEXs.


One of the main issues of the blockchain space at present is that not every token or NFT has access to cross-chaining. A cross-chain platform lets end-users get access to NFTs at the lowest potential cost because the Launchpad allows them to transfer it across different blockchains where they can securely store assets and use fewer gas fees.

What do we Offer with the NFT Launchpad Solution?


The Launchpad is a platform provided by the smart contracts on the blockchain of your choice enabling new projects to uncover their potential to the crypto-community

Business logic layer

The platform is in-built with all logic and algorithms that backs the new crypto business to raise funds from respective pools.

NFT marketplace frameworks

We have integrated the platform with frameworks of renowned marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible the budding business make use of it to launch their platform instantly.

Native token

We can help you develop the native token for your Launchpad. The capitalist can buy, stake, and redeem your token effortlessly for maximum benefits.

Robust admin panel

An admin panel aids you with the management of the startpad vetting process of project KYC of investors and more.

Workflow of an NFT Launchpad


The entrepreneurs submit their proposal that presents a detailed note of their project to the Launchpad community


A rigorous process is carried out. The proposal is studied in and carried out by the analyst team to analyze if it icing on another project

Project onboarding

If the proposal accepted by the crypto owner is sound and promising then it will be accepted by the platform otherwise it will go on a voting basis.

Advisory panel

The expert team from the Launchpad provides some insights to the new crypto project crew to enrich the business

Whitepaper drafting

A detailed whitepaper will be drafted describing the vision mission, the tech stack, the global market, roadmap, tockenomics, and many other intrinsic details.

Project listing

The profile is created for the project the particular of the project the white paper are enlisted here for the investor’s eye.


Two rounds of sale will take place, in the first round the investor owns a handful of the native token of the Launchpad participant and the second one is open for all.

Product development

Now that the required fund for the project is received. The product of the NFT marketplace is developed. In some cases framework is already available on the Launchpad.


ChainTechSource has a stronghold over the complete NFT process including minting and marketing. With the NFT Launchpad development services, we are assisting creators and businesses to mint fairly market their NFTs.