Ultimate Guide To Successfully Launch An NFT Project


There are many methods to launch an NFT project. One of them is to have a pre-sale event and trade NFTs to a small number of people. Since NFTs can be used in any game, the first game will be launched as an instance.

NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or CryptoCollectibles are good marketplaces to begin. It’s not required to have your own platform for launch. You can check the market for NFTs, and then choose whether you need to launch your own platform or not.

In this blog, we appeal to these insights and display success stories from certain of the biggest NFT projects to plan the key measures you want to make and the difficult problems you have to respond to drive a successful NFT launch.

How to Launch an NFT Project Successfully?

Below are the steps one must know before launching successful NFT projects you should consider prior to your NFT drop:

Define a convincing story

Pick your blockchain & marketplace

Set up smart contracts

Build publicity & community

Build equality for followers and customers

Know your client

Prepare your team

Ensure your website is made for high traffic

Create lasting value & innovate

What are the Legal issues?

There are two main legal issues to study, that is blockchain technology to develop games and the rules on selling digital assets like NFTs.

Blockchain technology is still a new idea, so it’s difficult to identify what the law is on applying it in game design. Some game designs, such as Gods Unchained, have been accepted by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which means that they are lawfully acceptable to make games using blockchain technology.

But some ventures, such as CryptoKitties, have not been accepted by the SEC, which means that they are not legally allowed to make games using blockchain technology.

As for selling NFTs, it’s very easy. In the United States, NFTs can be inspected as a digital asset in peace with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). This means that NFTs can be transmitted, traded, and vended like any other digital product and have no restrictions.

 Leagal issues of NFT among the country

The regulations of all countries are different, which makes it tougher for global NFT projects to be a reality. Certain countries include guidelines on the development of games using blockchain technology. The United States doesn’t have regulation on that presently, but there are many regulators who are starting to pay consideration to blockchain technology.

Other Legal Issues?

Some countries have regulations on how you can support your game. For instance, in China, you can’t support your game if it includes gambling or drugs. So if you want to promote your game to Chinese people, you have to eliminate these features in your game.

How do you Protect Against Fraud?

You need to be suspicious when buying or selling NFTs. Just like any other merchandise on the internet, there are many scams and frauds out there. But there are two major problems: one is that vendors may not send the real NFTs to buyers, and two is that sellers may use fiat currency to buy up all the good NFTs and then trade them for a higher price later.

To avoid this from happening, it is essential to safeguard that NFTs are rare enough that they don’t derive in big numbers in the marketplaces. If there is no aim for anyone to trade their NFTs, then there will be no need for people to purchase them later just because they are tough to get.

If Bitcoin had been tough to mine at the starting, then there could be no reason for people to buy it today. This is why we have to make sure that there will be a narrow source of NFTs so that they last to be rare and worth something in the future!

Which Blockchain should I use for my Project?

There are many blockchains out there that you can use for your venture — Ethereum, NEO, EOS, etc., but you must pick the one that best fits your requirements. If you need to use blockchain technology to make your own game, then you can use Ethereum smart contracts because most people already know how Ethereum works.

If you want to create a game on top of a present blockchain platform, then NEO or EOS is a good choice because they have many features containing digital asset storing, digital asset swapping, and digital identity organization.


 Now that you know how to launch an NFT project, the legalities around it, as well as its future, it is the right time to get initiated. With ChainTechSource, you can create your own NFT collection in no time and launch it on different platforms easily and proficiently.