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Top Celebs Endorsing Ape Projects

Introduction The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has grasped above the NFT market. Once a small attempt initiated by four friends in April 2021, but now BAYC has succeeded in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales volume, in turn, aiding in carrying non-fungibles into the mainstream and getting one of the most well-known brands in NFTs. While the BAYC floor stays to increase, becoming more and more impossible for most communities, celebrities are linking to the club in droves. So to honor the huge that BAYC continues to see especially after its Aped NYC event in November 2021 we have made a list of some of the famous celeberities who have aped into the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

 Below are the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs Owned by Celebrities

With massive hype around non-fungible tokens, many celebrities have “aped” into the BAYC. Bored Apes are the most well-known group of NFTs by volume, managed by the Mutant Apes and the CryptoPunks. Many argue that the impact of BAYC is bigger than the impact of the CryptoPunk collection. Bored Ape Yacht Club has floor special events for token holders, such as an exclusive concert in New York City featuring Lil Baby and The Strokes.
  • Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon recently joined the BAYC. Some important features of Fallon’s ape contain a Blue background (12% of Apes), Navy Striped Tee (3%), Heart sunglasses (4%), Cream fur (6%), and Sea Captain’s hat (3%). Jimmy Fallon purchase his Ape for 46.6 ETH in association with the crypto app Moonpay. Moonpay is a platform that lets users to simply purchase NFTs without requiring them to use DApps like Opensea.
  • Post Malone
Singer and songwriter Post Malone recently acquired 2 BAYC NFTs for over $700,000. His buying is featured in his new music video with The Weeknd. Post Malone currently uses his Bored Ape #961 as his profile photo on Twitter. Some main features of Post’s ape contain zombie fur and a cowboy hat.
  • Neymar Jr
Soccer star Neymar Jr of Paris Saint-Germain joined the BAYC with Ape #6633. He purchased his ape for 160 Ether or over $400,000 at the time. Some essential traits of Neymar’s ape are Part Hat #2, Bubble Gum mouth, and holographic eyes.
  • Kevin Hart
Celebrity comedian and actor Kevin Hart joined the BAYC in January with ape #9258. He bought the ape for 79.5 ETH, which cost Hart over $200,000 at the time. Hart’s ape function a spinner hat.
  • Paris Hilton
American personality and actress Paris Hilton recently joined the BAYC with ape #1294. She was now featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where she discuss about her newly bought and displayed her NFT. Hilton bought her ape for 119 ETH or over $275,000 at the time.
  • The Chainsmokers
Production American DJ duo The Chainsmokers were among the earliest celebrities to add a BAYC NFT to their collection. This Cheetah Fur Bored Ape was bought for 55 Ether, and the Duo make use of it as their profile photo on Twitter. The creator purchase their Bored Ape for 55 Ethereum or over $225,000 at the time of writing.
  • Steph Curry
NBA Star of The Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry has aped into the BAYC with Ape #7990. He purchased his Ape for 55 ETH. Main traits contain blue fur, zombie eyes, and a tweed suit. Curry presently uses his Bored Ape as his Twitter profile photo.
  • Drake Bell
Drake Bell, from the T.V show Drake and Josh, bought a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. He also purcahse the ENS domain name DrakeBell.eth, and his Twitter profile manage shows his ENS Domain name.
  • Timbaland
Timothy Zachery Mosley, also called as Timbaland, has associated the Bored Ape Yacht Club with Ape #590. The creator is an American musician, producer and songwriter. He now connected with BAYC to create a Metaverse production business, “Ape In Productions.” Timbaland purchase his Ape for 74.69 Ethereum, which is around $300,000 at the time of writing.
  • Marshmello
EDM artist and DJ Marshmello was an previous accepter of NFTs. Not only does he bought both a CryptoPunk and Bored Ape, but he has released various NFT collections for his followers. Marshmello purcahse a rare ape, which value him around 75 Ether. Important traits on his Ape contain 3D glasses, a multicolor grin, and a bones tee.
  • Meek Mill
Grammy-nominated Philly-native rapper Meek Mill has been thrilled about web3 recently. Meek initiated off his 2022 with a brand new Bored Ape. He also worries that his next album can be accessible only as an NFT. Conclusion There were more element that provide to the success of BAYC, but beyond timing and the NFT market developing before our eyes, the team stated a killer story through art and has intended to provide value to the project’s holders.  It will be interesting to look how widespread the Bored Ape brand becomes as users take benefits of their commercial rights.