IDO Launchpad

A Comprehensive Guide to Using IDO Launchpad in Multiple Blockchain Networks


The digital sequence has been working on for a while and it is on the edge of changing the complete scene of the digital sphere into something excessive, a place for wide success and profits. This mutiny is managed on the basis of blockchain technology. Blockchain is at the core of all crypto-based digital applications and is developed under the expertise of decentralization. This quick flow into the digital market has flagged the way for business platforms to take an extreme interest and develop their own businesses that are displayed after this inspiring technology. 

Several businesses have been introduced in this province, but not all business platforms are expected to be successful. The majority of the business platforms have failed to reach their aspects in the marketplace. This oppressive condition is due to one primary reason that is insufficient visibility and classifying for the business project. These idea of the IDO launchpad is the key for these issues met by businesses in the blockchain area.

IDO Launchpad- A Quick Insight

An IDO launchpad is a platform where crypto projects are registered and it works as a stockholder’s group. Stockholders can invest in these projects which are registered on the launchpad. The investing process takes place with the initial DEX offering model. 

 Initial DEX Offering Model

Initial DEX offering is a fundraising framework where the crypto currency is launched by a decentralized liquidity exchange. This decentralized platform depends on the liquidity pool where investors can exchange tokens, which includes stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

There are IDO projects in the marketplace that are not registered on any launchpad platform. These projects perform on their own and they will not depend on any other external help however this process is time consuming and the generation of leads is limited. Thus, listing projects on the launchpad is an essential way to guide investors and convince them to help the listed projects grow significantly.

Launchpad can be found on various blockchain technologies and each of these launchpads are distinct and have their own set of functions. Depending on the characteristics, the launchpad is adopted for businesses. However, the way stockholders enter the business project is totally based on the tokenomics and whitepaper of the project. These are the two primary features for any business growth that are listed on the IDO launchpad.

Features of an IDO Launchpad

Investment Opportunities

An IDO launchpad opens the access for wide-range of business opportunities for projects and allows them to implement their concepts and tokens to the cryptocurrency system at ease.

Business Growth

Getting crypto projects on the IDO launchpad increases the reputation of the business and consents the investors to invest more in the project, which is helpful for the future of the business.

Automated Liquidity Pools

  • An IDO launchpad is essentially developed with automatic liquidity meres that enable users to invest resources in the liquidity meres and generate incomes.
  • Blockchains That are used For Launchpad Development
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain 
  • Polkadot 
  • Kusama
  • Cordana

Launchpads that are Leading the Blockchain Space


BSC Pad is an inspiring launchpad that enters in business projects on the Binance Smart Chain network. The launchpad functions with the ability to initiate transactions at a low cost and generate high outputs. These features lead to the attraction of a huge amount of digital audience attention and provide continuous opportunities to the businesses included in the blockchain space.

Polka Starter

Polka Starter is a launchpad that is launched on the basis of the Polkadot blockchain. It is a multichain-supported decentralized platform that is designed to initiate energetic sales and token pools without network blockings. As Polkastarter is made on the Polkadot network, they can create associations between community and private blockchains easily. These multi-chain processes enable the Polkastarter platform to function as a seamless launchpad for business protocols to increase their brand price, investment and also create a secure crypto network.

Secure Pad

Secure Pad is a launchpad that is made of advanced cutting-edge functionalities. This launchpad’s primary goal is to take top-tier class business projects to the crypto network easily. This platform results with a combination of two main functions, decentralized incubation and IDO launchpad. These functions are completely distinct but they combine together and provide the essential support to the platform and the business platforms that are listed. The Secure Pad is estimated to be the network that inspires every business segment to create their business in the blockchain network easily and efficiently and support them with effective functionalities.

Covering Up

An IDO launchpad is an important factor in the crypto domain. It minimizes the difficulties that are present in a business project by bringing in a generous amount of investors and buyers to the platform. Everything is listed perfectly on the IDO launchpad and it is a flawless marketing tool as well.


Finally, IDO Launchpad is somewhat new in the crypto world. I must say that we should join this revolutionary project with many features and solutions provided by this project. This is a user-friendly platform that increases profitability and is easy to use for both technical and non-technical customers. So it is expected that there will be more people who can benefit from it.