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A security token is a type of digital asset whose value is based on the worth of other assets. It is based on a blockchain network run by a third party.

The value of security tokens can be based on real-world material assets like acres of land or grams of gold, as well as non-material assets like corporate shares.

The Security Token Exchange Development services include the process of creating security tokens that are backed by the value of assets.

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Why STO Exchange Development?

Security tokens are changing the way people raise money. Security tokens are paving the way for lawful fundraising by acquiring massive popularity, rapid growth, and widespread use.

The growing demand for security tokens necessitates the creation of a security token exchange platform where these tokens may be traded.

We are a trusted security token exchange creation firm because of our extensive knowledge in technology, IT administration, and blockchain technology.

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Features of STO Exchange Development

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Powerful Matching Engine

We offer the best security token exchange platform with a robust matching engine that matches buy and sell orders efficiently and quickly.

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Hot Wallet

We pair our security token exchange with a multi-crypto hot wallet that includes industry-leading security features like multi-signature support and secure storage.

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Multi-layer Security

We use modern security technologies like two-factor authentication, data encryption, SSL encryption, and more to reinforce each security token offering exchange.

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API to External Exchange

To obtain high liquidity for your exchange, we construct a secure API link to an external security token exchange platform.

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Payment Gateway Integration

The security token exchange includes a payment gateway that allows users to purchase and sell tokens with fiat money.

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Multi-currency Transactions

ChainTechSource's scalable security token exchange development service allows you to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into your business.

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Multi-language Support

Your STO trading platform's worldwide reach is widened due to multilingual support. Multiple languages can be flexibly integrated into the dialogue.

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Escrow System

Direct trade between users is possible due to a secure, trusted smart contract-based Escrow mechanism. It streamlines and automates the payment processing procedure.

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nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Benefits of STO Exchange Development

Extremely Secure

Four Layer Security consists of separated servers, encrypted access to users, 2-factor authentication, and offline VPN transmittal.


Optimal Customization

We are versatile in creating an exchange that can be tailored to your requirements. Our team can design and host exchanges in the IT infrastructure.



The Security Token Exchange has the capability for a crypto-hedge, which is most favorable and user-friendly for the users.

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Acquire more knowledge about STO Exchange Development

The STO trading platforms enable traders to buy and sell their security tokens. These platforms provide services for both primary and secondary markets. The primary market also provides services such as the issuance of STO exchange, operating as a hybrid issuance, and trading platform.

Broker-dealers are buyers, sellers, and distributors of security tokens. On behalf of brokerage firms, the dealers start to initiate the transaction process.

Even in its early days, Security tokens have already started gaining traction in the market. Here is how STO can change the global scenario such as unlocking liquidity, opening up capital to global markets, 24/7 trading, etc.

Whitepaper drafting, smart contract development, token creation, security features, STO dashboard, branding campaign, and token issuance are some of the factors which define the cost of STO development.

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