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The Web3 aura has resulted in the development of copious of complex token-based business model that ensures riches: From play-to-earn, to move-to-earn, and now sex-to-earn. SEXN is a sex-to-earn startup that assures people to earn tokens as they have sex, and this startup will scrutinize your sex activities using a series of biometric monitors. By introducing this type of concept, it is possible to combine two of the crucial elements which people love the most, sex and money.

Just like in Axie Infinity, it is essential to buy NFTs that will allow them to earn tokens. If they have to earn money while involving in sex activities, all they need to do is stop, start a sex timer, and start earning $SOT (Sex orgasm Token) and it is the SEXN’s own ecosystem token.

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Why SEXN Clone?

The SEXN startup has already amused numerous crypto enthusiasts, as it is the incredible amalgamation of sex and money. According to organizers, GPS will them to identify sex from other aerobic activities such as running or jogging. The heartbeat and respiration will also be entirely different.

The startup is already selling NFT in its own market-dozens of cartoon condoms and vibrators, which cost about $259 a piece. Several models are offered to earn cryptocurrency, each will allow you to receive tokens at different speeds and will require a different combination of NFT.

Do you want to develop an application similar to SEXN and earn magnificently? ChainTechSource is introducing the innovative sophisticated SEXN clone, where you can generate an app exactly like SEXN and to earn a passive income.

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Features of SEXN Clone

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Lifestyle App

Just like play to earn, and move-to earn gaming, this type of NFT gaming app will allow you to earn money by being active.

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Monetization Opportunity

It is an incredible opportunity, where people can earn massive benefits by indulging in sex activities.

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Different Modes

Three different modes are available on this app, and it can be verified according to the monitor machine attached to the user's body part.

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Can be Customized

The SEXN clone app can be customized according to the users' requirements and needs to match it with their business model.

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The Most Competent Technology

The professional experts at ChainTechSource uses the most competent and latest technology in developing the SEXN clone.

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Web3 based Application

Sex-to-earn app uses the Web3 technology, which has spawned many token-based business models like play-2-earn as well as move-2-earn.

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Futuristic Technology

As Web3 is regarded as the future of crypto world, SEXN can be considered as the future potential app which will help crypto enthusiasts to earn enormously.

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nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Benefits of SEXN Clone

Combination of Necessities

For an individual both sex and money are imperative. Thus, SEXN app practically implements the combination of both these.


Active Lifestyle

The application of Web3 in different business models will make people more active and energetic just like in move-to-earn and play-to earn NFT gaming.


Professional Service

By approaching ChainTechSource for the development of SEXN clone, you are getting the most professional and optimal service.

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nft marketplace development
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Invest your valuable time here to get the most extensive idea about SEXN clone

$SST is the Governance Token of SEXN Supply
Total supply $SST: 50,000,000
  • Pre-sale: 43.5%
  • Liquidity: 23.5%
  • SEX Earn: 25% (Locked for 1 month)
  • Marketing: 3%
  • Airdrop: 3%
  • Team: 2% (Locked for 3 months)
This token can be purchased and sold separately from the Application Token $SOT.

$SOT is the Application Token of SEXN.
Users will earn $SOT, which has a limited availability.
The price will remain relatively stable.
The $SOT is earned by:
SEX in different modes
The $SOT is burned by:
NFT Utensil Repair
Leveling up condoms, toys, and tickets
Ability upgrade
Private social and e-commerce sectors will see more use.

There are many provisions that can be received from us which will make you understand the detailed working of SEXN clone, moreover, you will get assistance throughout the development.

It is as simple as it is. You can chat with us through the chat option available on the website or else directly contact us. Our contact details are available on our website.

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