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Security Token Offering development is the latest craze in the cryptocurrency business. Tokens that pass the Howey test have a value derived from a tradable external asset. It adheres to all federal security regulations.

Since security tokens are governed by the federal rules and regulations of their individual governments, they provide more confidence and security to both investors and token issuers.

To strengthen the trust of international investors to participate in your firm, these tokens provide the token holder with particular rights such as dividends, profit sharing, voting rights, buy-back rights, and much more.

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Why STO?

Security Token Offering (STO) was created to attract institutional investors to the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution. With the incorporation of smart contracts, blockchain will automate legal and auditing needs through the trustless network.

Security tokens are SEC-registered financial instruments. These tokens offer investors a variety of financial rights written in smart contracts as well as the underlying tokens traded on the blockchain.

ChainTechSource has created a cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token issuance platform based on distributed ledger technology.

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Features of STO

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Legally Compliant Tokens

The tokens are incorporated with a smart contract that has the registered jurisdiction's regulations inscribed in it.

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Global Investor Participation

When multiple countries are active in secondary trade, issuers have difficulties. Our tokens can be traded internationally.

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All transactions are transparent to financial regulators thanks to blockchain. The crypto market will benefit from the transparency.

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We build technology at ChainTechSource that allows issuance businesses to reissue tokens to investors.

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Venture Capital

Investors can have direct access to their investment money thanks to tokenization, which eliminates the need for a mediator.

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Liquid Asset

Some assets are difficult to turn into cash. Tokenization can benefit the issuer and enhance trade volume without lowering the asset's value.

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Stable Coins

To better raise funds, optimize price volatility by tokenizing assets such as gold, land, and other assets with a stable currency.

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Fractional Ownership

In accordance with local security legislation, gain equal rights of shared ownership with the issuance company.

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nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Benefits of STO

Commercial Real Estate

With STO for commercial real estate, you can be sure that your real-world investments are secure and can be accessed digitally and globally.


Equity Capital Markets

By raising capital for the company and providing investors with certainty, the equity capital market helps both the issuer and the investors.


Debt Capital Markets

Expert advice on borrowing debt for acquisitions, refinancing, or restructuring existing debt may be beneficial to the issuer.

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nft marketplace development
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A security token offering is a fundraising method that allows the token/coin issuers to sell a share that represents the investment of potential investors to raise funds for their startups.

Security tokens backed by blockchain technology come with numerous benefits that include legal frameworks, increased liquidity, programmability, user anonymity, and transparency.

Security tokens are regulated, which will guarantee safety and sustainability. Also, they are backed by real-world assets. Because of this, STOs are already the most trending fundraising mechanisms when compared to ICO or any other token offering.

An STO involves a lot of regulatory factors. So launching one is not easy. But if you attain ready-made solutions from a reliable company, they provide you with an STO platform with a legally compliant framework and every necessary feature, technical and security integrations, and your STO will be ready to launch within a few weeks

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