About PoolTogether

PoolTogether is an Ethereum-based lottery platform that allows users to buy lottery tickets by depositing cryptocurrencies into pools. Each pool holds a weekly drawing to give a prize pool to up to five winners, but your tickets do not expire after the drawing; instead, they carry over to the next drawing, and so on, until all the drawings are completed. This will continue until you win or the cash in the pool are withdrawn.

It's a no-loss lottery in this case: you might not win, but there's also no risk of losing. PoolTogether also refers to it as a "prize savings" strategy, because you might be rewarded for keeping your cryptocurrency rather than spending it elsewhere.

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Why PoolTogether?

PoolTogether is a cryptocurrency staking platform that blends the classic lottery method with crypto staking. Crypto staking is a method of putting your cryptocurrency holdings to work in order to generate passive revenue. It's the same as putting money in a high-interest savings account. Crypto lotteries have combined this concept with the regular lottery system.

The rewards are funded by the interest earned on the lottery pool by PoolTogeteher.

PoolTogether touts it as a prize-savings strategy in which you are rewarded for not spending your cryptos.

Crypto lotteries have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are more transparent since they are built on the blockchain. They also operate on a global scale with significant, easily accessible pay-outs. These advantages have made them a desirable option for regular lottery players.

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The Main Highlights of PoolTogether

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The PoolTogether platform promises a lottery where one never loses their money, even if they never win.

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Attractive Option

As it doesn’t have the risk of losing money, it attracts every crypto enthusiast and traditional lottery holders.

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Non-expiry Lottery Tickets

Unlike the traditional lottery system, pooltogether crypto-powered lottery tickets will not get expired.

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More Chances to Win

The lottery pool awards prizes to up to five winners and even if you do not win, they will be rolled over to the next draw.

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Enables Earning Passive Income

Crypto staking is a way of earning passive income on your crypto holdings by putting the tokens to work.

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Combines Blockchain & Smart Contract

PoolTogether combines blockchain with smart contracts and decentralized applications to create a game that gives you a huge upside while minimizing the downsides.

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Lottery Where You Never Lose

Even though you win or not, there is no element of losing money in this platform, which attracts every crypto enthusiast.

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nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Benefits of PoolTogether

Opportunity to Win Prizes

PoolTogether is a deceptively easy DeFi app that rewards users for depositing money by giving them the chance to win prizes.


Completely Automated

Smart contract that select the winner each week are completely automated which makes the platform utterly trustable.


Flexible Process

Once your tickets are in the pool, you don’t have to do anything. Your tickets will automatically be eligible to win until you withdraw.

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nft marketplace development
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Study thoroughly and invest wisely

However, the service itself is unproven and there might be some glitch in the code of the contract that could still result in losing your money.

PoolTogether is a service that lets users stoke cryptocurrency into lottery pools for a chance to win significant weekly prize pool. The price pools are made up of accumulated staking fees, and you can withdraw your full original deposit even if you don’t win.

One of the innovative DeFi protocols out there is the system of a no-loss lottery, which allows participants to purchase tickets and stand a chance to win rewards. The catch is, their initial capital would never be lost, and they can continue to participate in future lottery draws.

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