About NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity

Polkacity is a virtual-real-estate-based NFT marketplace platform built on the Polkadot protocol. It gives investors the opportunity to own virtual assets in a virtual city. Polkacity provides consumers with the opportunity to participate in exciting virtual investments.

Users can benefit by owning virtual taxis, electricity stations, and other essential services on this platform. The platform's virtual assets are in the form of NFTs, which have a real-world value and generate income in the form of POLC, the platform's native currency.

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Why Choose NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity?

Polkacity is the newest NFT-based marketplace that uses blockchain technology to allow investors to buy digital assets in a virtual city. The platform promises to bring together the benefits of decentralized finance, Polkadot, and NFTs to create a formidable virtual metropolis where people can invest in the hopes of making a profit. ChainTechSource's skilled developers can help you create your own Polkacity platform just the way you want.

How Does NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity Works?

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Register and Select

The user should register in the Polkacity community and choose their digital assets like taxis, gas stations, hotels, etc., from the platform.

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Once the desired asset is selected, the user has to now make payment through the smart contract address provided by the platform.

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Buy/Sell NFTs

After the payment is done, the users can begin to buy/sell their assets and get paid corresponding to the asset. It is as simple as that.

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Features of NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity

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NFT Construction Tools

Polkacity offers a free tool for creating your own NFTs on your virtual land.

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25% Pay

Polkacity offers a 25% yearly yield as a rate of return on your Polkacity investment.

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3D/AR NFT Store

Users can purchase 3D and AR-based NFTs, which can be used in the Polkacity Metaverse.

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BSC-ETH Bridge

The Polkacity Bridge helps rapid transfers of POLC for swapping ETC and BSC tokens.

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NFT Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is a conflict amongst NFT users in which the gamers must find NFTs.

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CertiK Audit

Smart contracts are audited and the NFT marketplace will receive a safety assessment.

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Cross-Chain Functionality

It is a virtual real-estate platform with cross-chain capabilities with the Polkadot protocol.

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Ownership of in-game purchases on virtual real-estate marketplace helps retain your assets.

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nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

Live Demo

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Benefits of NFT Marketplace Like PolkaCity


Data is saved in the blockchain network in our platform, which operates independently, as well as in blockchain-based online games.



We place a high premium on rarity and originality. As a result, we limit the production of digital assets and increase their value.



Our NFT marketplace real-estate systems are built on separate blockchains that serve as a backbone architecture for connected games.

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nft marketplace development
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Helps you to develop more on NFT Marketplace like PolkaCity

PolkaCity is now multichain, this will allow you to enjoy POLC and NFT assets in multiple chains.

Yes, sure you can. NFT is very similar to tokens. They are not stored in wallets, they are stored in the blockchain under your wallet address.

PolkaCity launched with very high yield NFTs, these high yields intend to make NFTs profitable while we complete the video game economy.

PolkaCity is a first-of-its-kind contract-based virtual city, where investors can make profits through investments in gas stations, buildings, hotels, and car wash among other investments. It combines the DeFi Polkadot, and NFT worlds to design a marketplace for investors.

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