About NFT Marketplace Like Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity Clone Script is a decentralized, error-free source code that allows anyone to create their own NFT-based game platform similar to Axie Infinity. It was created and launched with in-game elements such as battle, breed, axie, land, and others, all of which allow players to earn NFTs.

Axie Infinity Clone Scripts with innovative game features are developed and deployed by ChainTechSource that attracts more players to the platform. We provide an Axie Infinity Clone Software bundle that allows you to start your own NFT Marketplace right away.

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Why Choose NFT Marketplace Like Axie Infinity?

Axie's monthly income is over $90 million, which is more than the total revenue of the top ten apps.

Axie Infinity is one of the largest NFT marketplaces, with almost 250,000 daily active players and a record-breaking number of token sales.

Transparent development process with complete flexibility and openness to requirements, as well as on-time delivery of the Axie Infinity Clone at a reasonable price.

How Does NFT Marketplace Like Axie Infinity Works?

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Digital Wallet

The first stage in playing this game is for players to have access to a digital wallet where they may keep their tokens and associated NFTs.

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Purchasing Digital Beasts

To begin playing the blockchain-based game, gamers must first purchase our in-game digital creatures from the appropriate marketplace platform.

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Players who win battles and move to the next level with their effective gameplay skills are rewarded handsomely.

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Key Attributes of NFT Marketplace Like Axie Infinity

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The most essential aspect of Axie Clone Script is that it allows you to fight with your digital pets. The gamers that win the battle are rewarded with fantastic prizes.

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Axie Breeding

Axie breeding is the method by which players can improve their pets. Through breeding, a new pet with mated genetics is created.

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The Axie clone game has its own kingdom, referred to as the 301*301 grid. Each location on the defined grid is a tokenized plot that can be purchased at any time by the players.

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Native Tokens

The platform will have its own tokens that will provide users with governance attributes. When they earn governance rights, the users can provide tips for betterment

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It has its own exchange where NFTs can be properly traded. These NFTs can take the form of in-game items like fantastical creatures, accessories, and pets.

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Dual Token Model

The dual-token model is used by Axie Infinity. SLP and AXS. While AXS is a governance token, SLP is an ERC-20 token that is used to breed Axies in the game.

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Multi-Scalable Blockchain

NFT Marketplace like Axie Infinity can be developed across multi-scalable blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, or even Tron

nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Benefits of NFT Marketplace Like Axie Infinity

Buy New Axies

On Axie Marketplace, players can buy new Axies, as well as entire lands and other items, as NFTs for use within the game.


Can Earn Tokens

Gamers can trade the tokens and earn more from them. SLP and AXS are the native gaming tokens of this platform.



Axie Infinity Clone Script is decentralized, properly tested, and error-free source code that lets anyone launch their own NFT based gaming platform.

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nft marketplace development
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Take your knowledge to the next level.

These are some of the top NFT marketplaces OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, Larva Labs, Rarible etc.

The platform enables trade in NFTs, unique pieces of digital code that can be associated with a digital asset such as a work of digital art.

The most expensive NFT is a digital collage of images by Beeple that sold for $69.3 million.

Whenever an NFT gets transferred to someone else, it is recorded on the blockchain and this record is completely accessible to anyone.

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