About ERC721

NFT ERC721 is an innovative and imperative product from ChainTechSource, where a business entrepreneur or an individual investor can develop Non-Fungible Tokens according to their discretion by generating open source codes.

It is a remarkable tool for all NFT creators as they are bestowed with the privilege of acquiring NFT’s and changing these based on the NFT category or type by providing the open source code.

ChainTechSource’s expert professionals who have in-depth knowledge about NFTs and NFT marketplace help you create unique NFTs based on the ERC721 standard.

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Why Choose NFT Web3 Login Product?

ERC721 is an open standard that describes how to build Non-Fungible Tokens on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains, it is a standard interface for Non-Fungible-Tokens.

The NFT ERC721 tool allows you to have the supreme power to create and customize NFTs by enabling them to have an open source code and list them for selling, minting, and storing. With ChainTechSource’s ERC721 tool, you could able to develop NFTs based on the standard and customize the ERC721 standard according to your requirements.

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Highlights Of NFT-ERC721 Tool

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Base URI

The NFTs are created based on your requirements and can be saved according to the preference of the NFT owner with the base URI.

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By acquiring NFT-ERC721, clients and business entrepreneurs can decide the number of NFTs they want to sell and how many each person can mint.

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Set Price For Minting

The admin can set the minting price according to their sole discretion, which can be modified every day based on various parameters.

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Set Limit

If you want more clients, then you do not want one client to mint all your NFTs at a time. Therefore, the admin can set the limit of mintable NFTs.

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Royalty Percentage

The NFT owner can set the percentage of the royalty he/she wants from each resale of the NFT. Remember royalty will be earned throughout the resale chain.

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Verified Coding

NFT ERC721 is a platform that provides source codes, hence every line code is verified by experts in the field of NFT.

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Audit Coding

As with verified coding, every line of code that goes into the making of NFT ERC721 is accounted for at every level of the development process.

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Role-Based Permission

The admin of NFT ERC721, since he/she has complete authority, can assign role-based permissions to each stakeholder.

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By acquiring NFT ERC721, the NFT owner can most conveniently and easily shift from one blockchain network to another.

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Verified Coding

NFT ERC721 is a platform that provides source codes, hence every line code is verified by experts in the field of NFT.

nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Advantages Of NFT-ERC721

Customize NFTs

By acquiring ChainTechSource’s NFT-ERC721, you can customize your NFTs according to your unique preferences or requirements.


Hassle-Free Operation

Creating and customizing NFTs is a tedious task; however, with NFT ERC721 it is as easy and hassle-free as possible.


Fully Autonomous

You don’t need to pay for professional help anymore, since NFT ERC721 is an autonomous platform that functions effortlessly.

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nft marketplace development
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Yes, it is necessary to follow ERC 721 in developing NFTs as the ERC-721 introduces a standard for NFTs.

Accounts, smart contracts, and token standards are the prerequisites of creating an NFT.

Yes, we help you to deploy the created NFTs as it is a value-added service.

To get an accurate amount you have to refer to the price section or else contact us.

No return policy is applicable for our product, because it is sold only after a free live demo.

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