About MakerDAO Clone Solutions

MakerDAO is nothing but a lending platform where users can lend their cryptocurrencies for receiving constant interest from it. In addition to that, they also receive a reward token for lending the amount to the platform, which can be traded on an exchange simultaneously. Astonishingly, the major benefit of MakerDAO is that it offers a stable interest rate that doesn't change rapidly.

Using ChainTechSource’s MakerDAO clone solution, you can commence a lending and borrowing platform that facilitates both lenders and borrowers to take benefit out of the offering. Incredibly, the script can be used on diverse platforms that have staking, lending, and borrowing capabilities.

As the transactions are on the blockchain, they charge low fees for each transaction, unlike traditional banking systems.

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Why MakerDAO Clone Solutions?

MakerDAO clone script is an industry best script that permits you to create a MakerDAO marketplace that is exactly similar to MakerDAO.

However, ChainTechSource’s MakerDAO clone script grants comprehensive customization solutions. Hence, you might easily change the logo, design, add extra features, and other add-ons to coordinate your business needs.

Further emphasizing, Our MakerDAO clone script is completely designed, built, multi-tested, and verified by our team of qualified professionals before being deployed. Besides, it has been developed by employing the most advanced features and supreme security attributes.

Consequently, our MakerDAO white label clone script is free of bugs and is secured from any hacks.

Our MakerDAO Clone Solution is Your’s Now

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Features of MakerDAO Clone

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Swapping Unplug

For MakerDAO clone solutions, there are no requirements for any advanced customization with any supported decentralized lending protocol.

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Solution with a Private Label

ChainTechSource’s MakerDAO clone script can be easily adjusted to meet your specific company needs.

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Secure Wallet

On the Ethereum blockchain, the MakerDAO clone features an in-built crypto wallet for smooth cryptocurrency lending and borrowing.

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Admin Panel

A powerful and robust admin panel gives you complete control of the important features of DeFi lending scripts.

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ChainTechSource’s MakerDAO clone scripts are easily customizable and can be added with new plugins to match your business requirements.

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The MakerDAO clone completely functions on the blockchain and it is where the future lies.

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Advanced Features

In the development of the MakerDAO clone script, the professional experts of ChainTechSource have used the most advanced features.

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Proficient Team

The team at ChainTechSource is a group of qualified professionals who have accumulated an abundance of work experience in developing clone scripts.

nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

Acquaint with MakerDAO Clone Script

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Benefits of MakerDAO Clone


Only legitimate borrowers are allowed on the platform, and it can be identified by the Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering module.


Plan Creator

The admin panel has a borrowing/lending plan generator that allows lenders and borrowers to create various plans from which to pick.


100% Source Code

You get 100% source code of the product and you can customize the platform any way you like, which is extremely beneficial to the entrepreneurs.

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nft marketplace development
Leading Blockchain Development Company


Get in-depth knowledge about MakerDAO Clone

To operate the BTC and ETH nodes and install the necessary dependencies, we recommend a 4vCPU, 6GB RAM or more, and 120 GB disc space.

Yes, we do; however, before we begin customizing the lending script for you, please contact the team to discuss your proposal.

Sure, we can help you with the installation of the MakerDAO clone.

It is never too late to begin a new endeavor. However, you will need to improve your offering and sell your blockchain firm in a way that is distinctive and provides valuable benefits to your users.

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