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What is the IDO Launchpad Platform on Binance?

An Ideal Companion for Project Owner

Polysparker Launchpad gives project owners a wide range of options for creating and uploading projects into Initial DEX Offering. It also has a custom UI that keeps project owners continuously updated on all project-related actions and responsibilities. Seamless operation, limitless possibilities!

  • Provides more freedom for the project owner to create a project.
  • Easy and quick steps to add tokens in creating a project.
  • Guaranteed allocation spot to participate in the project ecosystem.
  • Automated whitelisting of spots on first come first serve basis.

A Delight for Investor

With Polysparker Launchpad, investors have complete freedom and open access to invest in any number of project tokens. Furthermore, the Polysparker Launchpad allows investors to freely stake or unstake tokens in a staking pool contract. Effortless trading, boundless benefits!

  • Access to unified interface to check for open projects.
  • Assess created projects to increase the investment returns.
  • Simple steps to invest in numerous projects.
  • Stake and unstake tokens as and when necessary.
Leading Blockchain Development Company
Leading Blockchain Development Company

A Reliable Business Partner for Launchpad Owner/Admin

The admin has full control over the Polysparker Launchpad. Polysparker Launchpad is completely systematic and smooth because every project action is guided through the admin's authorization.

  • The admin is the sole owner of a secure and decentralized registry.
  • One-touch feature to approve created projects.
  • Multiple subscription plans for regulation and revenue generation.
  • Secure and easy burn and mint process, and payouts of the project tokens.
Leading Blockchain Development Company


Quick Access To Useful Resources For Common Queries. User’s Experience and Clarity Is Our Focus.

Subscription-based payment refers to when you buy a product and have it hosted on our server for a recurring cost.

If you own a server and want to host the Launchpad on your own server, you can buy Polysparker Launchpad for a one-time fee. The source code of the product will be yours forever if you choose the one-time purchase arrangement.

Both project owners and investors must have a membership plan in order to upload a project and invest in one that has been uploaded. In addition, depending on the subscription package you choose, you will have unrestricted access to the Launchpad.

Polysparker Launchpad is one of the greatest decentralised IDO launchpad platforms available. It is based on a solid technical foundation and has undergone extensive R&D process. Polysparker Launchpad was created in partnership with industry leaders in the fields of blockchain and crypto launchpad.

Following multiple live demos, Polysparker Launchpad provides digital products. As a result, it is against our policy to issue any form of return.

Polysparker Launchpad was designed and developed over the course of several man-hours of R&D. Polysparker's tech stack comprises React, Laravel, and Solidity.

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