About Cryptocurrency Creator

ChainTechSource’s “Cryptocurrency Creator” is a competent tool that must be possessed by all those potential individuals who desire to achieve success in the cryptocurrency industry.

With the use of “Cryptocurrency Creator”, you can create customized cryptocurrencies and become a prominent and lucrative cryptocurrency owner.

Experts and professionals of ChainTechSource enable you to create a unique cryptocurrency with the use of a formidable smart contract that is easy to use and straightforward.

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Why Choose Cryptocurrency Creator?

Not every business entrepreneur and individual investor is proficient enough to create an identity in this digitalized era. Therefore, by employing ChainTechSource’s “Cryptocurrency Creator”, every potential entrepreneur can create their own identity by developing a cryptocurrency as per the ERC20 standard.

To many business entrepreneurs, it is a long-cherished dream to possess a clear-cut identity and be at the center of the crypto world. Moreover, we help you to list your customized cryptocurrency in a global exchange platform as well as your personalized dashboard, hence you can be able to create a market for their cryptocurrency and make it familiar with every other potential customer.

How Cryptocurrency Creator Works?

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Input Your Details

The procedures are as simple as it can be. The creator needs to fill a form with all necessary information and your preferences such as the name of your currency, symbol, color, etc., in creating the cryptocurrency.

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Add Initial Amount

After filling the form with all the details of the cryptocurrency you want to create, you need to pay an initial amount for the fastest, economical, and unique method of developing the cryptocurrency.

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Creation Of Cryptocurrency

Once the initial amount is paid, leave it to the Cryptocurrency Creator to do its work and sit back and relax. Within no time the cryptocurrency of your preference is created in accordance with ERC20 standard.

Make the Cryptocurrency Creator yours today!

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Stand-Out Features Of Cryptocurrency Creator

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Cryptocurrencies will be created according to ERC20 standard and wallet compatibility. It will have a unique name, symbol, and decimal amount.

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The currency that you have created can be paused. It is useful to prevent trades or freeze all token transfers for a specific period of time.

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The currency creators will not be able to generate more currencies than a defined number. This ensures people from generating more currency than declared.

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You can control the currencies by hampering the supply of currencies that you have created, as you have the authority to burn them.

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Ownable Access

The currency that you have created will be open to ownership. The owners can mint new tokens or call out the end of the minting process.

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ERC1363 Payable Token

The ERC1363 is an ERC20 compatible currency that can make a callback on the receiver contract to notify currency transfers or token approvals.

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As the owners you will be able to mint your currencies. You can also disable the minting process if you don't want to generate more.

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Role-Based Access

The currency in your hand will have specific roles. You can change the role by adding a minter or admin role to the address. Your currency will be ownable too.

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Currency Recover

There are lots of tokens lost forever into smart contracts. It allows the contract owner to recover any ERC20 token sent into the contract by error.

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nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

Live Demo

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Services We Provide

Listing It In Exchange platform

We will help you list your cryptocurrency in the global exchange platform with all the other enlisted cryptocurrencies from around the world. Absolute visibility!


White-Paper Service

For every cryptocurrency that is created, ChainTechSource will provide you with a white paper explaining vital information such as characteristics, value, operations, etc.


Personalized Dashboard/ Website

Why settle with a global exchange platform when you can list your cryptocurrency on your own crypto dashboard? We will provide you with a unique dashboard!

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nft marketplace development
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Get More Insight On ICO Cryptocurrency Creator

With this unique cryptocurrency creator, you can make innumerable cryptocurrencies. There is no limit to it.

Yes, we will create a logo for you, but it is chargeable.

We won’t charge any money for listing it on the Global Exchange Platform, as it is a part of the product.

There is no return policy for any of our products, as all the products are sold after a live demo.

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