About ChainTechSource’s Fractional NFT Service

It's only logical that we've witnessed the emergence of non-fungible tokens during an era where digitized creations are subject to constantly rising value by virtue of their demand (NFTs). NFTs give digital creations ownership and so their worth has seen a meteoric spike in value in recent weeks.

Fractional NFTs have arisen as a way to offset growing pricing. The advent of such new tokens has sparked debate over their significance and worth. NFTs that have been fractionalized have been split down into bits so that they can be sold individually. Each individual purchaser of these works would own only a minuscule percentage of the NFT's total worth.

ChainTechSource’s Fractional NFT Service allows investors to purchase a portion of an NFT that would otherwise be unaffordable, and owners can easily liquidate a portion of the NFT's value without having to sell the whole portion.

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Why Choose ChainTechSource’s Fractional NFT Service?

At ChainTechSource, our experts develop a highly intelligent smart contract that breaks an ERC-721 asset, one of the standard NFT "coins," into a specific amount of transferable (fungible) ERC-20 tokens in the process of NFT fractionalization.

The fractionalization of the NFTs is not random and will be done at the discretion and based on the specific requirements of each user. This will help increase the value of NFTs on the whole as well as the hundreds of thousands of fractions they are portioned into.

ChainTehcSource’s NFT fractionation process and techniques are highly competent and some of the best in the industry. This enables the NFTs on the whole and their fractions to not lose their integrity even after they are fractioned

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Features of ChainTechSource’s Fractional NFT Service

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Unbiased accessibility for all to own a fraction of even the most iconic NFT, which may otherwise be unaffordable.

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Customized Fractionalization

Investors and NFT enthusiasts can let the developers know which part and how much of a fraction they need.

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Decentralized Verification

Once an iconic NFT has been fractionated according to the specific needs of the users it will be publically verified.

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Complete Freedom

The NFT owners and investors have the freedom to decide what they want to do with the NFT fractions they own.

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Why limit yourself with a fraction of just one NFT, when you can customize fractions from two NFTs into one.

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Diverse Communities

Conduct several distribution events and unique after-sales experiences for diverse communities of fraction owners.

nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Beneficial Values of ChainTechSource’s Fractional NFT Service

Collective Sales

NFT collectors and enthusiasts can now sell their NFT to a group of people at a time in the simplest of ways.


Fractional Bundles

Those who own more than one NFT fraction can bundle their fractions together and sell them at once.


Shared Ownership

With the concept of fractional NFT comes shared ownership. Shared ownership allows for increased versatility

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nft marketplace development
Leading Blockchain Development Company


Access in-depth information about the intricacies

Yes, ChainTechSource is a fully decentralized web application and the services we offer are 100% safe as both stakeholders will sign the non-disclosure agreement.

Anyone who has a crypto wallet can participate in the purchase process of your NFT fractions.

Reserve or target price is the initial price you want for your NFT fraction. You can set the reserve price according to the price of the whole NFT.

All products and services of ChainTechSource are provided after a thorough demo. Therefore, we do not provide any refund.

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