About Filecoin Clone

Filecoin is fundamentally a network that can be employed to store and retrieve data. The massive and active distributed cloud storage network in Filecoin has the ability to store information that can be organization files, public datasets, private data, podcast data, security archives, personal files, application data, video, dapp websites, and other website data.

Filecoin is defined as a superior network that integrates with IPFS(InterPlanetary File System), a P2P distributed protocol that makes the process more effective and protects the web free from corporate control. Above all, most significantly, it bestows proof that the data that has been stored was perfectly fine and secured over time.

Besides, Filecoins permits anyone to enter the platform as a storage provider and make them compete for your business.

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Why Filecoin Clone?

It is vividly known that an NFT is a valuable token that has been developed using a specific blockchain standard such as the ERC-721 standard for the Ethereum blockchain. It is a strategy to conceive smart contracts on the blockchain for what the data represents and the data could be anything such as artworks, digital collectibles, videos, or it can be of long-cherished moments from NBA Top Shots.

In this scenario, it is vital to understand that the content and the metatag of smart contracts of NFTs are stored independently and the contracts are completely distinct from the data which means that data can disappear while the contracts possess the ability to retain. This happens due to the large size of data, and it is erroneous to store it on the blockchain.

Now ChainTechSource has come up with a new innovation that is Filecoin clone, where the NFT data can be stored and retrieved meticulously. Thus, with this Filecoin clone, NFT holders can develop their own efficient Filecoin that can be used to store ample significant NFT data of their clients.

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Features of Filecoin Clone

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It all together validates the file or data stored is unchanged over the duration, which is highly beneficial for the users.

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It comprehensively scrutinizes the total number of copies of a file or data that is stored.

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Verifiable Action

The platform does the evidence every now and then. Moreover, take prompt essential decisions if it is necessary.

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Robust Safeguarding of Data

All the data that has been uploaded will be completely protected and is cent percent secured.

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Umpteen Varieties of Data

Different types of data can be stored like organization files, public datasets, private data, podcast data, contract data, etc.

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Cloud Storage

The main purpose of Filecoin is to cater to the users with an impulsive distributed cloud storage service.

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The Filecoin clone is fully decentralized and thus, it helps you to stay away from any third parties.

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Smart Contract Storage

Automatic and secure storage for NFTs, escrow, financial institutions, insurance, games, etc.

nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development
nft marketplace development

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Benefits of Filecoin Clone

Algorithmic Storage Market

The platform alleviates the storage prices by allowing all the providers to enter from all the sources.


Algorithmic CDN

Filecoin clone leverages content delivery networks all over the globe which is extremely useful for users globally.



This hyper-competitive marketplace for storage is completely transparent and it is the best way to store your NFT data.

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nft marketplace development
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Don’t miss the chance to know more about this incredible innovation

Filecoin is an open protocol with a blockchain that records the network's participants' commitments and transactions in FIL, the blockchain's native currency.

Filecoin has grown to over 8 exbibytes of usable storage since its introduction in October 2020, with over 400 new projects entering the field. Ethereum is one ecosystem that continues to demonstrate collaboration and mutual benefit.

Juan Benet is the creator of Filecoin, a cryptocurrency-backed storage network, and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a revolutionary protocol aimed at making the web quicker, safer, and more open.

The filecoin price prediction from DigialCoinPrice predicts a value of $27.74 in May of this year. Its long-term filecoin price forecast indicates that it might be worth as much as $29.40 by May 2023, before dropping to $40.89 by May 2024. It anticipates a Filecoin price of $38.96 in 2025, rising to $90.39 in 2030.

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