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ChainTechSource is a leading concern running under an expert squad that dedicatedly works towards bringing the future i.e., the Web3 world. As of now, we are offering extensive web3 application development to our needy clients. In line with these, now we are bringing a foremost Web3 wallet development enabled with Entry Point Feature.

What Exactly Is The Web3 Wallet Enabled with Entry Point?

Entry Point is a Software feature launched by Ethereum. When this feature is integrated with the wallet, Wallet will act as a smart wallet I.e., it can act as a smart contract and do things like automated payment, backup recovery, etc. which is currently unavailable in Normal web3 wallet. Entry Point gives the ability called account abstraction to the wallet to handle all complex tasks without needing the help of Blockchain.

This feature is released after thoroughly auditing it in the second phase by OpenZepplin. So, it is completely safe to integrate this feature. As a businessperson, you can use this feature to delight your users with extensive usability that brings more potential customers on board and high ROI. So, this Entry Point Feature enabled Web3 wallet is specially offered by us for your various business purposes.

Specialty Of Our Web3 Wallet

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This smart wallet has extensive usability. It acts both as a dedicated wallet and an efficient smart contract in specific use-cases.

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Gas fee reduction

This smart wallet does actions within its boundary without interacting with the blockchain. So, it reduces the gas fees to the extreme level .

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Don’t need to access the blockchain

It reduces blockchain dependency and acts quickly

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Easy Account Recovery

The entry point feature allows the wallet to have an account recovery feature that is absent in the common web3 wallet

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Key Functions of Our Wallet


Entry point Feature

The feature that transforms the normal web3 wallet to smart wallet.


Account Abstraction

This feature allows the wallet to handle the complex task without relying on Blockchain.


Wide Blockchain Compatibility

Entry Point works in any Blockchain-compatible wallet like Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Arbitrum, etc.


Automated payment

Payments are automated in the wallet without the intervention of the user like a smart contract.


Multi-signature wallet

Two to three private key to protect the crypto assets


Transaction History

The history of transactions is displayed and recorded for the user to be aware of their balance and future reference.

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Multi-crypto support

Multiply crypto coins are supported in this wallet.


Real-time conversion updates

Conversion rates, the launch of new coins, and insights are displayed in real-time.


Automated logout

The wallet will be logged out automatically when it is idle for a long time.

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Security Features Of Our Wallet


Two-factor authentication is enabled to safely store the web3 assets


Account recovery

Backup recovery is enabled within the boundary of the wallet


Recurrent Testing

The wallet software will be recurrently tested to check the flexibility of the wallet and detect potential bugs


KYC verification

This verification is included for safe storage and transaction of crypto assets


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Exciting Virtual Applications Of Our Web2 Wallet Real-Time Applications

Crypto Trading
Virtual Payments
NFT trading

Why Should You Choose Us?

Trust and Transparency
Business-specific Development
Affordable Price
Diverse Portfolio
Skilled Experts
Software quality and scalability
Timely Delivery
Robust Customer support
Technical assistance for software’s lifetime

How we develop your Business-specific Web3 wallet Integrated With Entry Point?

Requirement Gathering

Our trustful relationship starts with a Productive discussion to know better about the project and business model


Devising a plan

After collecting the information about the project, we re-devise your business model and design your wallet with the innovations and recent trends by not spoiling the objective of your business.


Then, we develop

After finalizing the plan, we will start coding for your wallet with recent tech stacks


Exhaustive Testing

The final product will be tested a myriad of times to check the quality and flexibility of the wallet



After strategic designing and skillful development, we will deploy the wallet at your desired platform


Post deployment support

Technical support is ensured for the lifetime of the software



Also, we can help you on devising the best marketing strategies to promote your business on a wider level

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Learn About Entrypoint Enabled Wallet Application

The entry point is a software feature of the crypto wallet that is launched by Ethereum. This feature allows the wallet to act smart by doing automated payment, account recovery, and other complex tasks like a smart contract that too without a help of blockchain

Yes, it is. Because it does the complex task of smart contracts within the wallet boundary. So, the users of your business wallet will pay fewer gas fees and can-do complex wallet tasks without relying on the blockchain.

Any startup or business with a unique idea to develop a crypto wallet can use this web3 wallet constructed with their idea to offer a unique service for their target audience. This wallet has wide use cases both in the real and virtual world. So, it can be used in any project that touches the smart wallet boundary.

The time to develop this wallet completely depends on the requirement and complexity of the projects. It may take from several months to years. Only after a discussion and attaining a thorough knowledge of your project, the deadline is fixed.

Yes, of course. The entry point feature is beneficial as it gives a crypto wallet the superpower to act as a smart wallet and do the tasks of smart contracts efficiently within the boundary of the wallet app.

What do we call Success?

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