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OpenSea Clone - NFT Marketplaces

Build your own P2P NFT marketplace using the OpenSea clone, a robust clone app developed on the decentralised network. This script is adaptable, so you can change it to suit the requirements of your own business. And below are the unique features of the script,

  • Create Collection - Users will be able to create multiple NFT collections on the NFT Marketplace
  • Import Collection - NFT Project owners will be able to import their NFT collections from other platforms
  • Create/Mint NFTs - Project owners will be able to mint NFTs under their NFT collection
  • Buy/Sell - NFT holders will be able to Buy/Sell their NFTs on NFT Marketplace
  • Make Offer - Users will be able to Make an Offer on the NFTs if they are not available for sale

IDO Launchpad

A decentralized exchange-based crypto token offering platform for crowdfunding that provides users with early access to a wide range of projects while also raising awareness. The launchpad is intended to provide the best user experience and security for an ICO launch and it's integrated with multiple chain, allowing users to obtain tokens from as many projects. And below are the unique features of the script,

  • Create Token - Users will be able to create their very own crypto token using the create token button.
  • Reward Staking - By staking the launchpad tokens all users will be able to get staking rewards which are set by the launchpad owner.
  • Claim Tokens - Investors will be able to claim the project tokens on the mentioned vesting schedules until 100% of the tokens are claimed.

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